Australia is one of the most popular countries for skilled workers to migrate to. Australia has a low unemployment rate and skills shortages in many professional and trade occupations bring skilled workers to Australia each year on long-term work visas. Statistics show that the majority of these workers, once settled, decide to stay on in Australia through the permanent employer sponsored visa options.

Australia is a popular destination for skilled workers from all over the globe. Australia offers a supportive business climate, competitive employment market and quality of life that makes it an ideal destination for skilled migrants.

If you are considering immigrating to Australia, there are several visa options available for skilled workers such as engineers, accountants and nurses. A permanent employer sponsorship is the most common way of gaining entry into Australia; however the employer’s sponsorship must be approved by the Department of Immigration before you can apply to come to Australia.

Immigration Australia offers a range of work visas to attract the best and brightest people to Australia, while helping employers fill skills gaps and meeting their business needs. Whether you are an employer looking to sponsor an overseas worker or a skilled person seeking permanent residency in Australia, Immigration Australia can help you make the best use of your time and resources.